Kim Cressman - Grand Bay NERR, Kimberly.Cressman@dmr.ms.gov
Kari St. Laurent - Delaware NERR, Kari.St.Laurent@state.de.us
Marcus W. Beck - USEPA, beck.marcus@epa.gov

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Agendas: morning, afternoon

Training recordings

Please visit our recordings page to view recorded training materials for each of the sessions from the 2016 workshop. Please note that these materials are provided as is for informational purposes and are not intended as actual online training videos. The Adobe Connect plugin is required for viewing.


The purpose of the training workshop is to give users a hands-on, interactive introduction to the R analysis platform, the SWMPr package for R, the widgets of SWMPrats, and selected time series topics.

The morning session will cover the basics of R and SWMPr. R is a data analysis software and programming language and SWMPr is an R package designed for working with SWMP data.

The afternoon session will be an overview of the widgets of SWMPrats and selected time series topics. The SWMPrats website was created to assist the NERRS program with analysis and interpretation of SWMP data. Three widgets on the website allow users to summarize trends within and between sites using a point-and-click approach. Selected time series topics will include weighted regression for trend analysis, time series decomposition, and Seasonal Kendall tests.

Both sessions will prepare users to better navigate R software for tackling SWMP analysis problems. You will finish the workshop with a working knowledge of data import, processing, basic plotting, basic analysis, and interpretation of results.
### Come prepared:

Attendees must bring a personal laptop with the following items installed:

Morning and afternoon sessions

  1. Install R v3.3.1 (or later): Instructions (page 1 - 4)

  2. Install RStudio v1.0.44 (or later): Instructions (page 5 - 6)

  3. Install SWMPr v2.2.0: Instructions

  4. Download training modules: morning, afternoon

Afternoon session only

  1. Install WRTDStidal v1.0.1: Instructions

  2. Install EnvStats v2.1.1: Instructions

  3. Install lubridate v1.6.0: Instructions

Current software versions are required! You will have problems if you have older versions installed. The software installation will require Admin Rights on your computer! If you do not have these rights, or do not know the password to allow these rights, your computer IT department/person will need to install this software BEFORE you come to the workshop.

Additional prep:

We strongly encourage you to review the following to better prepare for the workshop: